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Pinecone Circuit race 3/4 recap – By Mike Bonner

The race was 6 laps of the 6.2 mile circuit, on which I ended up averaging 25.1mph.

It was a sketchy first lap; after turn one two guys got tangled up and shook everyone around them, but no one went down.

The next couple of laps were surge filled followed by lulls. Multiple attacks and breakaways jumped off of the front but none really stuck for long. At about lap three I found myself at the front with three riders off the front with a jump-able gap to cover. So I took my turn, then jumped off of the front, bridging up to the three leaders. When I reached the break I took my turns and we lasted for about a half a lap. We got swallowed up so I reverted back to my plan ‘A’ (sit at the back and conserve energy and sprint at the end).

I took a bad line on lap 5 through turn 2, which had a sand patch in the middle of the apex of the turn – my rear tire lost grip and I had to straighten up to avoid the curb and ride it out. Losing positions but not going down, I had to push hard to get back on. No real damage done – just a sketchy moment!

Coming around the last lap the group was all together until last years winner Brent jumped off the front somewhere after turn 2 and quickly had about 15 second lead on the group and held it to the finish. As Mark said turn 4 was crap and was impossible to take a confident line through it. My biggest item I need to work on in my racing is positioning leading up to the last turn. That being the case I was too far back but still managed to sprint through damn near the entire field to get 12th place.