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Pinecone Circuit race 3/4 recap – By Mike Bonner

The race was 6 laps of the 6.2 mile circuit, on which I ended up averaging 25.1mph.

It was a sketchy first lap; after turn one two guys got tangled up and shook everyone around them, but no one went down.

The next couple of laps were surge filled followed by lulls. Multiple attacks and breakaways jumped off of the front but none really stuck for long. At about lap three I found myself at the front with three riders off the front with a jump-able gap to cover. So I took my turn, then jumped off of the front, bridging up to the three leaders. When I reached the break I took my turns and we lasted for about a half a lap. We got swallowed up so I reverted back to my plan ‘A’ (sit at the back and conserve energy and sprint at the end).

I took a bad line on lap 5 through turn 2, which had a sand patch in the middle of the apex of the turn – my rear tire lost grip and I had to straighten up to avoid the curb and ride it out. Losing positions but not going down, I had to push hard to get back on. No real damage done – just a sketchy moment!

Coming around the last lap the group was all together until last years winner Brent jumped off the front somewhere after turn 2 and quickly had about 15 second lead on the group and held it to the finish. As Mark said turn 4 was crap and was impossible to take a confident line through it. My biggest item I need to work on in my racing is positioning leading up to the last turn. That being the case I was too far back but still managed to sprint through damn near the entire field to get 12th place.

South Jersey Spring Series #2 – Cat 4/5

Venue: South Jersey Spring Series #2 in Mullica Hill – Category 4/5

There I was standing in Bridgeport Rib House listening to “Go Commando” (the band that Jamie’s wife Laura rocks out with) and I get an email from Jamie regarding race day tactics. It was Jamie’s birthday so Ben, Dave & Meg, Wyatt & Kristin and Shan & I joined him at the biker bar. Said email clearly spelled out (15) different ways to win a bike race. We also knew the ladies on the team had laid the gauntlet that day in Philly at the Philly Phlyer events with a victory. We left that evening knowing that we had (9) strong racers in the field and no lack of strategy.

Ben, Brad, Dave, Jim, Joe B., Rob and I met at Wegmans in the morning to carpool to the race. Joe H. was meeting us there because the last thing he wanted to see that early in the morning was a bunch of us in spandex. We met Jamie at the race as well and out of trunk of the V-Dub crawls another hammer – Eric. We now had (10) in the field of (70)ish. It seemed like everywhere I went – registration, port-a-pot, practice laps – there was another Sunnybrook teammate. I was getting pretty excited because we had some definite firepower at our disposal.

We all arranged at the start line and the cowbell rang. One gentleman decided this race was only one lap long so he took off and Ben swiftly reeled him back…..True Story. The first several laps involved Dave and I sitting at the front (while the rest of the team were positioned around the pack) to manage any breakaways. It was quickly apparent that only (3) other riders in the field had any notions of a breakaway – however, that was not going to happen. The first prime lap (for Red Bull & BBQ sauce) came, Rob had accelerated so Jaime was yelling for him to “GO, GO”. None of the veterans had clued the new racers in on what a “Prime Lap” was so Rob was not sure why he was pedaling so hard. When he dropped the field he soft pedaled at which point I saw another rider break to steal the sauce, I accelerated past him but did not see the neon yellow bike to my left – he beat me by those little “hairs” on new tires! We all got back together and held control of the race as dictated in option #6 by “El Presidente”. Prime #2 was uncontested by a guy from Pro Pedals and it took a toll on him and he needed the rest of the race to recover – good news is that he gets “Father-of-the-Year” award for giving his Red Bull prize to his children.

With about 6 laps to go the marshal had pulled any rider that had dropped off the main pack – leaving maybe 50 riders. I knew Jaime was right on my wheel and Eric was also near. Eric would control ½ the start/finish straightaway into corner one through 2 and then I would take over through the back, around corner 3 and up the hill – this repeated for about 3 laps. Joe H., Ben and Brad were all in the front of the pack giving us 6 riders up towards the front. With 3 to go it was Me, Eric and Jamie up front – this was also the only negative point in the race as we could not get Ben, Brad and Joe H. into the train. It got a bit more strung out with 2 to go but same rotation plan. As we got halfway up the hill heading into the final lap (2) other riders flexed their legs and took a short pull. Right at the start line Eric had a rider bump him into me – we had some words and Eric decided to jump on it hard. I grabbed his wheel and Jamie grabbed mine. I got into a little gravel on corner one but we mashed it anyway! Eric dropped his head and hammered as long as he could. He ducked out to the left and I dropped chin and hammered next. Through corner 3 Jamie held my wheel up the hill. At the crest Jamie told me to move right and he grabbed a sprinters’ wheel who had made a move.

The last thing I saw was Jamie, out of the saddle dropping me like litter out the window – rumor has it he won by a wheel but the race director just called him “The Winner”! This was a fitting celebration for Jamie’s birthday and he got to wear his ridiculous, red podium shoes.

We all gathered back in the parking lot, tried to find warm clothes (I was putting on clothes from people I didn’t even know I think) and dove into a vegan, chocolate cake Shan had made for Jamie’s birthday. Everyone but Ben that is…..he had paid close attention at our nutrition seminar and celebrated with a banana….washed down with a Coke.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and rode as hard as they could ~ for OUR team this is the most important end result!


Jamie’s HD video

Fogelsville Training Series, Race #2 – March 11th, 2012

Geoff Q – 2nd Mens 5/Womens/Juniors group

Maria G – 1st Womens/5/Juniors group

Words by GQ:

Finally pulling into a parking spot at the William Penn Business Center after nearly getting burned by daylight savings time for the second year in a row, my heart rate was high and I hadn’t even set up the trainer yet.  Thankfully registration was painless, and directions to the Potty Queen were explicit.

After taking a lap and receiving some positive feedback about our new kits from some random riders, I met up with Maria, Ida, Kim and Jim who were warming up for the Cat 5 race.  They all seemed confident after their experience on the course the week before.  Between the beautiful weather, and the support of all the Sunnybrook friends and family members present with posters and cameras in hand, the mood had been set.  This was going to be a great spring race.

We all cheered on Brad competing as a Cat 4 in the men’s B race, but alas, it was the wisdom to know when not to overwork a pulled muscle that side-lined him before the race was through.

Finally, the Cat 5 men/women/junior race was underway, and off to a fairly quick start.  A brand new set of ill-adjusted pedals kept me off the back for a few extra seconds, but after I clipped in and made my way through the field, I could see Jim settling nicely into the draft, Ida and Kim staying close, and Maria pulling ahead to the front.  Maria stuck to my wheel, and we gained position over the next few laps.  At the first bell, I decided to make a break for it, and was able to win the sprint.  At some point on lap six, a single rider sprinted ahead and kept the pace high.  We stuck together until the next bell, when I cranked up the pace on the downhill, staying tight to the bars and the apex of each turn.  Beginning the sprint to the line, I had nothing left.  I had gone too early, and was murdered with a ten foot gap. . . Damn.

I got back on his wheel, and we pace-lined it right up to the final uphill sprint.  Being tired and careless, I wasted at least two full pedal strokes in the sprint by having my weight too far forward, which caused my rear wheel to hop on the upstroke and loose precious inches of ground.  In the end, I was beaten by about a foot, but gained a lot of great experience in the process.

All told, there were no Sunnybrook crashes, or mechanicals.  I took second in the race, and Maria finished first out of all the women in the field.  Regardless of anyone’s final results, I think it is safe to assume that we were all faster in these new bang’n kits.  Great job everyone!

“Maria putting the Cycledrome guy deeeeep in the pain cave!”