Lower Providence Crit & Girls with Gears

Last Sunday 4/17/2011 was the Daniel Harwi Memorial 24th Annual Lower Providence Spring Classic Criterium. The Cat5 race went off at 8am so we all arrived a bit before to get numbers, dressed, and talk about how wild amazing the “team” van looked. The morning was colder than expected and had to borrow some gloves from the lady to stay warm.


Ben, ready to roll and rocking those sweet glasses.


We got lined up and ready to hide in the pack.


For some reason we didn’t do much if any hiding, but rather Jamie, Byron  and I took to the front.


After the first lap a group of four went off the front which included Byron. Me and Jamie sat at the front of the main group and were hoping the break would do some work together and make something of it. This wasn’t the case and we eventually caught back up to them. At this point my legs locked up and coasted back through the entire pack… I’m a bit new to this but I learned my lesson in that I need a good amount of time to warm up. I soft peddled a bit but was far far back.  After the legs came back to life I was able to catch up to Patrick who had fallen off who grabbed my wheel and then to Ben as a few others.  We eventually caught back up to Jamie and he jumped on.  Unfortunately for us (about 10 riders) we got pulled about 7 laps in even though the lead pack was still in sight.


There were probably only 14 people left in the pack including Byron.  We sat on the sidelines and cheered him on. He was surprised to hear us cheering since he assumed we were still racing.  On the last lap Byron went off the front and made a bit of a gap. Unfortunately after turning the next corner he hit a wall of wind and was reeled in by the group.  This took most of his legs for the sprint and he cruised in around 13th.  The rest of us took a big fat DNF. Not a good day at all but a learning experience…


Next up was Girls with Gears, an annual cycling event to support Carol for Heart sponsored by Bikesport. Since Bikesport does so much for us we wanted to help them out and offered to do some SAG for the event.  Jamie was more than happy at first to try out his new panniers with tubes and pumps until he realized that weight adds up.



The weather was nicer later in the day with the sun creeping out so there were plenty of us out in attendance. The ride itself was quite fun, our group didn’t get to mend any flats but we did help some people who got off track and some missing signs. I think all the flats were already fixed before hand by Bikesport or by our teammate Glenn who himself fixed NINE flats :)


Overall it was a fun day riding with the team and helping out during the charity ride and getting some sweet long-sleeve shirts. The crit was more than disappointing but all you can do is ride smarter and train harder.


Philadelphia Naval Yard Criterium

This weekend we raced the Philadelphia Naval Yard Crit. It was a 1.4mi course that included 8 semi-technical turns including a few one lane wide straight-aways as well as turns and a 180 degree hairpin around a median. The cat 5 field was sold out with 50 starters and there was a big presence from a few local teams. This was the first race were this team idea could actually be seen. We had 5 riders start in the 5s race and all of us finished with the lead pack. Due to some poor planning I got stuck too far back where the accordion effect was in full swing… corners were taken from 13-17mph and sprints afterwards were 25-32mph to get back on. I learned very fast that sprinting out of the corners 8 times every lap does quite a bit of damage to the legs. When it was all said and done none of us were in great position going into the sprint, Byron was up ahead gaining momentum coming out of the last turn into the sprint when another rider almost took him out by hooking his bars. At the end of the day we all learned a lot, had a good time, and stayed in one piece. Results for the team:

Byron – 7th
Eric – 14th
Ben – 18th
Jamie – 32nd
Patrick – 42nd





Salisbury Road Race

Last weekend, April 2nd was the Salisbury Road Race in Gap, PA.  Not many of us could make it unfortunately, but Byron was the lone ambassador for the team and ended up 14th in the Cat 5 field.  Byron thus far is doing much more racing than all of us combined but its early in the season!

This coming weekend a few of us will be racing in the Philadelphia Naval Yard Crit on April 10th.  We’re all looking forward to the race since it will be for most of us the first of the season and a fast 15 mile crit.




Bike Line Criterium Training Series #4

A few of us had signed up to race the first annual Yellow Springs road race, but unfortunately it was cancelled due to some scheduling issues. Nonetheless Saturday a few of us got a solid training ride in to get ready for the weeks ahead. The next day was the Bike Line Criterium Training Series #4. This week Byron was the only one to make it up to the race so ill let him give a rundown of the crit.

“Cold, cold, cold, cold and cold! The weather was freezing with a pretty stiff wind. The field of racers was much smaller. Once under way I just sat in about four wheels back. I lead the third lap and then sat second wheel in. The bell lap was rung and we had the 5th lap sprint coming up. We came out of the fourth corner and I stayed glued to wheel in front of me. About half way through the sprint I ducked out and sprinted ahead and won the first sprint by a wheel. I sat back in and began to recover. The second sprint came which was also the premium lap. I felt like it would be better to save the energy and take third instead of wasting it. I ended up getting scored fourth because it was way too close to call even though my video footage proves that I had third by an inch ha-ha. I sat in and began to plan my move for the final sprint. I had enough points earned that if I won the final sprint I could win the race. I positioned myself on the end of the break four wheels back. The plan was to be leading on the final lap so I could choose the pace and set myself up for the headwind sprint. I began picking up speed on the downhill and continued pedaling through the third sweeping turn. Then I took the turn wide by sliding into the other lane, I pedaled all the way through the last turn and then gave my cassette a throw down to my 11 tooth and sprinted the entire way to the finish. I hung on by inches but no one expected me to jump as early as I did.”




Congrats to Byron for taking home the win! Lets hope this is one of the many podium finishes for the team this year.


March Spring Series #2

It’s finally March and racing season is officially underway for the new Sunnybrook Racing / Professional Pharmacy team. The team kicked things off this past Sunday at the March Spring Series in Fogelsville, PA. Despite dropping temps and gusty winds, a small field lined up for the mixed cat 5/junior race.

We didn’t have much strategy for the race and really just wanted to test the legs after a long winter. This race always seems to create its own unique challenges with strong headwinds and lots of juniors in the field (no fat guys for me to hide behind). Byron was feeling pretty good though, and shot off the front from the whistle.

Jamie and I got settled in the pack and did our best to keep things together and close all the gaps.

Things fizzled out shortly after though when we missed the break. Looking back, it was short enough where we could have jumped across and recovered on the downhill, and we’ll be sure to keep a lookout for that in the future. Jamie and Byron continued to work hard in the chase group with Jamie eventually taking the final sprint out of their group.

Overall, it was a nice way to shock the body back into racing, and I was happy with how well the team worked together during the race.

This week we have a few new folks joining the team which I’m really excited about. Everything is coming together for a great season ahead and we’re looking forward to some nice training and racing.

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