The Team

Jamie O.

Jamie O.

Pottstown, PA

el Presidente

Jamie has been riding since 2009, is a long time vegan, and is the team’s president. After he was seen watching every day of the Tour de France and other races for years, his wife finally surprised him with a new bike for his birthday – little did she know what she was awakening.

He enjoys European cars and motorbikes, and cycling is a cheap and exciting way to access competitive racing for him. Having moved from the United Kingdom to the USA about 10 years ago, he’s our token rainy-northern-European rider, although his dislike of cold wet weather doesn’t fit this very well sometimes.

Favourite local ride: Shed Road and Eichele hills, even though they don’t get easier.
Favourite ever ride: 2010 Pau -> Col du Tourmalet stage with the Col Marie-Blanque & Col Soulor.

Benjamin F.

Benjamin F.

Valley Forge, PA

Vice President

After spending a year racing unattached, Ben joined a few friends and started Sunnybrook Racing with the goal of creating a fun, beginner friendly race team for riders in their local area. Since then the team has grown tremendously, and Ben now fills the role of team vice president. Not a dedicated climber per say, most would agree Ben’s specialty lies in drafting other riders; however, someone once said he “…makes a lot of power for a small Chinese guy.” True story.

Eric G.Eric G.

Philadelphia, PA

Team Treasurer

Eric lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his girlfriend and 8 cats. He is a cat 4 road racer who’s strength is taking pulls and instagrams. Eric enjoys drinking beer, not eating animals, blogging, and general tom foolery. He is often teased by the team for his all-natural leg warmers amazingly smooth legs.

Dave S.Dave S.

Pottstown, PA

Team Track Coach

Racing Age: 44
Years Riding: 25
Favorite races: Anything on the track
Favorite quote: “Shut up legs!” Jens Voigt
Family: 2 teenage sons, 10 year old daughter, 2 crazy dogs, and a runner girlfriend, Megan
Goal for 2012 season: Ride as many miles possible on Glenn Stephenson’s wheel.

Glenn S.Glenn S.

Barto, PA

Currently a CAT-4 roadie but uses CX tires and aero bars from time-to-time as well.

“I got back into riding a few years ago when I was asked to do an MS150 with (2) weeks to train for it. I met my vegan friend Jamie on my first “training” ride with Sunnybrook & High Cycling Club. Since that time, Sunnybrook Racing was formed and I have gotten to see a great group of riders assemble. I have seen a lot of growth on this team including Wyatt buying a TT bike, Eric shave his legs, Geoff go through puberty and Ben take a pull. I am not a great climber but really enjoy hills. I can’t sprint but love leading out. Usually you’ll find me up front simply because the scenery is better. I am proud to be a team member with this group of friends.”

no pic

Brad W.

Sanatoga, PA

He was a competitive runner from age 13 until 46 where he had a full scholarship to Monmouth University in NJ for distance running where he also double majored in Management & Marketing (85″). After finishing second place overall in a local running race (May 09), he was diagnosed with arthritis in his right foot which left him unable to run without extensive pain. He was advised to either have surgery (which was no guarantee) or to pick another sport. He bought his first racing bike in Aug 09 (Trek 2.1 Compact) and has been training/racing ever since.

He started racing with the Lehigh Valley Wheelmen, but was far from the majority of them and left to train on his own at all times so he decided to join the Sunnybrook Team. He is a CAT 4 road/cyclocross racer and has recently purchased a Fuji Comp Cross Bike that he is excited to get a full season of cyclocross in this year. He has been married for 16 years and has a boy 16 and a girl 11 years old. He lives in Sanatoga and is the General Manager at Spring Ford Country Club in Royersford, PA.

Maria G.Maria G.

Audubon, PAIs a Personal Trainer dedicated to changing people’s lives for the better. One of her greatest passions in life is to motivate and inspire others and to help improve the quality of life of her clients. Maria is not only a trainer but you may also know her as a Fitness Instructor at one of your local fitness facilities.

For Maria, training and inspiring just aren’t enough as she does her best to make sure everyone feels confident and has as much fun as possible when taking her classes; which include Indoor Cycling, Boot Camp and Weight Training.

Maria has been an avid cyclist for over 10 years. She has been racing mountain bikes since 2007 and was most recently awarded 2011 Cyclocross State Championship for Women’s Masters 45+. She is now preparing for and very much looking forward to road racing with her new team Sunnybrook.
She plans on working very hard to make her family, friends and teammates proud.

no pic

Ida M.

Eagleville, PA

She moved back to Pennsylvania 5 years ago with her family from Europe. About 3 years ago she reconnected with her school time friend Maria G. Maria took her on a bike ride and it changed her life. 2 weeks later she had her own bike and could stop.

Her best experience was last summer when Maria and her went to to Italy and rode up a 7 mile mountain on broken MTBs. She loves to climb with her motto being, “the bigger the hill the better the challenge!” This is her first experience on a bike team and she can’t wait!

no pic

Joe H.


When he was five, he got his first bike. His parents took him to the Keswick cycle shop where he picked a red Schwinn Typhoon. It had a white racing stripe down the middle of he banana seat and a fat, slick rear tire. He rode that bike everywhere. When he was 12 he traded up to a red Schwinn Varsity that he also rode everywhere. Fast forward a few years in his 20’s the only bikes he rode had engines.

The only difference between the first day he got on his bike and now, is the 40 plus years, and thousands of miles in his legs. The same things he loves about riding from then to now have remained the same, such as the freedom of exploring roads less traveled, the cool air at the bottom of a descent, and reeling in a rider in the distance. Let the good times roll.

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